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The Big Protein Lie and Other Dirty Secrets

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You’d be hard pressed to miss a military tank, flanked by a crowd of bulging biceps brandishing pickets with the slogan “we want healthier snacks”, travelling across the country earlier this year. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was an admirable effort, championing healthier snacks — on the face of it, this would seem to be the case. The reality is not quite as rosy.

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3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence: manufacturing a British future

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With recent A.I. innovations such as Amazon Echo and Tesla’s Model S car with hands-free autopilot, engineered intelligence is imprinting itself in consumers everyday lives. Look around you. In today’s competitive business market, increasingly professionals are using or considering the use of A.I. programmed personal assistants, such as Apple’s Siri–and that’s just personal software, never mind tomorrow’s corporate demands. Inevitably we’re moving towards a hands-free workplace, and world.

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The Importance of Protein

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say. Never skip breakfast, they say. Sure, we know it’s important – vital even – in order to get through a day of constant action, whether it’s heading out at first light for a surfing session, tapping away at a keyboard, a five mile bike ride, or prepping for that major exam – breakfast is the fuel for this.

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Sugar: What’s the alternative?

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Sugar has found its way into nearly all types of food in recent years, even where you wouldn’t suspect, such as ketchup, yoghurt, bread or ready made meals. Most people know that it deteriorates teeth, gives us high cholesterol, causes diabetes and increases heart disease – but many might not be aware of its complete lack of nutritional value or vampiric effect on the body’s own resources.

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