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Hidden Protein Ninja Snacks

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Hidden inside the FUEL10k breakfast range are the building blocks to a snack making arsenal! Become a ninja at crafting protein snacks that will delight the senses and deliver that much needed protein boost. Anything from protein bombs, to porridge/puddings and bars. They constitute an easier way to put together a little snack as half the work has already been done, better yet they’re boosted with extra protein!

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Functional Strength

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We are slowly – but almost definitely – developing into a society where strength, endurance and health takes precedence over appearance. Gone (almost) are those days when we all stood in front of the mirror and looked at our biceps! Sure, we might still admire our progress but most of us feel better when we achieve something with the bodies we’ve built.

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The Importance of Protein

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say. Never skip breakfast, they say. Sure, we know it’s important – vital even – in order to get through a day of constant action, whether it’s heading out at first light for a surfing session, tapping away at a keyboard, a five mile bike ride, or prepping for that major exam – breakfast is the fuel for this.

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Sugar: What’s the alternative?

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Sugar has found its way into nearly all types of food in recent years, even where you wouldn’t suspect, such as ketchup, yoghurt, bread or ready made meals. Most people know that it deteriorates teeth, gives us high cholesterol, causes diabetes and increases heart disease – but many might not be aware of its complete lack of nutritional value or vampiric effect on the body’s own resources.

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