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What’s the point in having a brand if you don’t pour meaning into it? I build and deliver brand experiences backed by data, that go beyond the usual marketing fluff and drive real engagement and growth.

Born out of frustration with the current creative agency model, I launched Runaway Collective, the UK’s only flexible subscription-based marketing agency.

Over the last 15 years I’ve shaped and grown dozens of brands – utilising the likes of startup guerilla tactics to executing multi-million pound TTL campaigns for global conglomerates. l advise brands from small to large, covering a spectrum of tech including fringe and horizon developments as well as their implementation.

I’m a passionate speaker on tech and productivity as well as a guest writer on topics such as data mining, comms in the workplace, foodtech, and consumer behaviour. I champion critical thinking, open dialogue between businesses and consumers, as well as the many benefits of tech in the workplace.

Rory J Knighton



Shit man that’s good – amazing Rory.


Rory's amazing - his products are great and I would definitely work with him again should the opportunity arise.

ClareDirector of Comms

Having witnessed museum marketing collateral designed by Rory I can confirm he is a high calibre Graphic Designer. His creativity whilst working within his budget was impressive.


Rory was pivotal in growing the brand exponentially to one of the largest independent furniture retailers in the UK

TomFinance Director