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Drop the CV – Get Creative

By October 10, 2018 No Comments

At Runaway, we receive anything between 15 and 50 Cvs every month.  Most of these will not get read.

This is for one of two reasons, one, we simply do not have the resources to read and respond to every CV we are sent. Secondly, the vast majority of the CVs we receive are nearly identical to each other. Runaway is made up of creative individuals who naturally think differently, that’s what makes working here so much fun.

So if you’re thinking of sending us your CV, here are a few tips:

Get creative, send me a video of an interesting message with a link to your gorgeous portfolio or website all about YOU.

Send us a postcard with a chocolate bar attached.

But wait, it’s not all your fault.

Without wanting to lambast a whole industry: CVs are an awful way to apply for a job and equally as inadequate to evaluate prospective candidates.

It’s amazing that in 2018, recruitment agencies continue to use the same vehicle for job applications as they have for the last seventy years. Then again, school education has remained much the same as the Victorian era (that’s another topic for another day).

It is completely unviable to think that a flat and static side of A4 illustrates the rich tapestry of a persons experience, character, work ethic, decision-making skills or thought process in any real meaningful way, nevermind being adequate for screening candidates in 5 seconds.

This is especially true when candidates are limited to a cookie cutter framework in the shape of application forms or restrictive formats such as word only, further curtailing their individuality and creativity. Essentially building silos with the process focused around the recruiter’s benefit and ease, rather than the candidate.

A CV can, of course, form a small part of a candidates profile, however, there are many more elements that should be considered higher importance.

Lengthy application processes and covering letters are simply not practical for anyone — the drop off rates are massive: SmashFly found that 74% of candidates who start the application process drop off before they complete it. These job portals don’t resonate or engage with candidates, let alone make sense in the instant digital world of today or the future.

CVs are all about the past, it’s a way of looking back at previous achievements. What is infinitely more valuable is to establish the way a person tackles problems from the what, why and how.

There are plenty of creative alternatives out there, from online portfolios, video overviews to the excellent Manual of Me from leapers.

Recruitment needs a rocket up the proverbial and candidates need to get more creative when seeking to engage with potential employers.

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