Five tips to improve your videos instantly

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📹 5 easy tips to make your videos look 💯times better 🔥

1️⃣ Use natural light where available. Unless you have a lighting rig hanging around, aim to film either outside during the day or near a window. Natural light always beats standard office or house lighting.

2️⃣ Use an external mic. When filming use a pair of headphones (wired or wireless) with an in-built mic, this will give much better sound. If you can spare a little cash an entry level get a pro wired mic, these usually go for around £15 and make all the difference.

3️⃣ Try and frame yourself into the centre of the frame, drawing the focus to you, it’s also fine to use the one-third rule, providing the background is not cluttered and messy. Aim to keep a clear space above and below your head.

4️⃣ Stabilise your video, if you’re out an about and don’t have a handy stabiliser in the form of a selfie stick, glide cam or gimbal, run and gun will have to do. However, try to get your camera/smartphone in a steady and stable position, this makes for much more comfortable viewing.

5️⃣ Try and find a clutter-free Location, with minimal elements in the background, or clear a dedicated space for where you like to shoot your videos.

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