A new Brand

Tasked with creating a brand beyond it’s products and tagline, which would stand the test of time and become synonymous with the values behind the brand. We designed the full brand identity for ELEVEN from concept to execution, covering the logomark, ident, colourways and tone of voice.

Bespoke Website

We crafted a gorgeous monochromatic website in line with the brand with a simple and clean ecommerce store. Utilising an off the shelf framework and retooling for the needs of ELEVEN. This resulted in a sleek and fast site, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Launch Film

ELEVEN needed a short launch film to announce their availability on Amazon. Filmed during a live music event, we shot a 20-second spot featuring performers and the brand.

The Creative

From website design to social punch

The ELEVEN Launch Trailer

We worked with a fantastic photography studio to really bring the products to life. We shot in studio a selection of product shots and action shots.

Projects Completed
Pixels Pushed
Energy drinks
Keywords Analysed
PS Layers
GB File Size

Why not pay The ELEVEN Brand a visit and see what all the fuss is about.

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