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Limitless: Another industry first

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Every now and then there comes a time when something arrives that seems too good to be true. From zero calorie ice cream to Hoverboards – although it’s hard to disagree with the latter, quantum levitation is super cool, -191℃ degrees celsius to be precise. Pun intended.

Whilst not quite as good as calorie free ice cream or real life hoverboards, we think we have something pretty sweet for SMEs to chomp on: Unlimited Marketing Subscriptions. At Runaway, we revel in the fact that we stand apart from every other agency: we are the only creative agency in the UK to offer complete flexibility with our pick and mix plans, being totally transparent with our pricing, services and subscriptions. No hidden fees, “overage” or bull “unexpected costs”. The last six months have been really exciting here at Runaway, from the success of our expanded interactive workshops to the launch of our online courses, it’s been a crazy, but fun filled six months. We’re not slowing down.

Today, we’re expanding our offering again, launching our all new Limitless subscriptions, putting the typical agency model well and truly in the bin.

“SMEs can now gain access to enterprise class creative and marketing support at a fraction of the cost, and much like a tap, turn it off or on as needed.”

Limitless – what is it?

It’s a bit like a Netflix subscription: you pay a single monthly fee and watch as many films as you like. Replace films with your choice of digital service: from animation, data mining, film production to web development plus everything in between and you have the idea. Whilst we already offer some amazing subscriptions, and will continue to do so, these new plans are completely limitless.

We’ve spent the last 7 months building these plans in the most robust and comprehensive way possible. We’ve worked hard at developing new partnerships to facilitate truly unlimited features, like stock images & videos – you can have as many as you like; project design requests, submit as many as you like, there’s no limit.

We’ve built these plans around our most popular core offerings which bring ridiculously good value and are completely unrivalled by anyone else in the industry.

Unlimited Marketing Subscriptions: The Hustler Plan

How are we able to do this and why are we doing it?

In 2016 we took a major decision to switch from project based billing to a subscription model. This meant, for the most part, leaving behind large project billing cycles which were a substantial part of our business and moving to smaller monthly billing, based entirely on client selections of services – it was terrifying at first. However, after the initial teething period, we flourished.

Since then we have grown rapidly, not only expanding our client base but extending our offering: from new plans and interactive workshops to online webinars and courses. Our goal at Runaway has always been to be flexible and open, with as many options as necessary wrapped in personal first class support.

After listening to clients tell us they felt they would never be able to compete with companies with huge budgets and large teams and would be forever stuck in the hamster wheel, we knew we needed to find a solution. We built a whole new system around the subscription model and incorporated limitless features. This now allows us to offer services and features to our clients that are otherwise reserved for the big dogs, paying top dollar. SMEs can now gain access to enterprise class creative and marketing support at a fraction of the cost, and much like a tap, turn it off or on as needed.

Here’s the low down on the new Unlimited Marketing Plans:

We’re launching with three plans, which all feature unlimited stock assets, project submissions and support. Each plan has been specifically built to work with large project goals, like sequential website launches, consecutive campaign launches and multi-tiered creatives.

Due to the nature of these plans and the capacity factor, for the launch, we have 13 available slots (the irony of the limited availability for the limitless plans is not lost on us). By August we will be able to increase to 20 slots, and come November, this will increase to 24 available slots.


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